I Think I Can provides a safe, secure learning environment for their families, children and staff while teaching acceptance, respect and the love for learning


Daily Actives
Here your children will participate in fun, exciting, learning activities designed to stimulate the imagination and inspire a love for learning. They will be exploring a wide variety of award winning children’s literature, develop fine and gross motor skills through a multitude of crafts and games and learn an abundant array of meaningful cultural and social lessons.

Each classroom schedule includes restroom breaks/ diaper changing, arts/crafts time, meal/ snack times, circle time (reading, story boards, music, calendars etc.), free play (indoor play in center during inclement weather) outdoor play.

Field Trips & Tours
Throughout the summer your children will travel to several stimulating sites and destinations for ages 3 and up. Ages 2 and younger often go on walking field trips to the neighborhood park.

Summer Programs
Summer at I Think I Can is filled with fun and adventure while providing ample opportunity for learning and development. Your children will participate in theme weeks that will be full of crafts, trips, tours, special visitors, games, music and so much more.

Throughout the program we will seek to instill valuable social skills, expand knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topics, develop a variety of fine and gross motor skills and take your child’s creativity and imagination to the limit!
  Main Center:
BASP Center:
5:30 am to 5:45 pm Monday - Friday
5:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday
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